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Ladies I Hop Beer Shirt Brown

Beer lovin’ woman, hear me roar!

I was the wallflower at every high school dance. In college, I sat on a barstool alone most of the night while my friends danced. I thought my clothing was thoughtful and relevant, but apparently my Uggs and tight jeans didn’t catch the attention of anyone – even the bartender, who usually ignored my empty beer glass and asked the guy next to me if he needed a refill. And I was a regular! Then – on a whim – I got a shirt from the Brew Caddy store, and now my life is completely changed. The feminine styling attracts all eyes to my chest. Some people giggle. Some furrow their brow in confusion and ask “I artichoke beer?” But the smart guys smile and we chat about our most memorable brewfest experiences. This T-shirt is the staple of my “I’m a beer-lovin’ woman and I deserve to be noticed” wardrobe.

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