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Mens I Hop Beer Shirt Black

I discovered the Hoppy Grail!

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a sensitive man, but today I wept. I’m talkin’ large tears and full-on sobbing. There I was, happily enjoying a quality sample beer at the brewfest on a balmy afternoon, enjoying lively conversation with friends. I had just laughed out loud at my own joke, when I happened to glance across the walkway, through the side window of a parked car, and over the heads of two lovely brunettes. There – modeled nicely by a 20-something body-builder sort of dude – was the shirt that was about to change my life. I almost dropped my sample glass, but thankfully my Brew Caddy kept it secured. I focused and I walked toward the guy in the shirt. I had to know where he got it. I had to have one. Just as I approached him, I saw the table full of shirts for sale – all exclaiming “I HOP BEER.” I dropped to my knees, blubbering with joy and hugging these shirts with my arms stretched wide. I’d found it… the shirt to end all shirts.

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