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Description: Plain Black Lanyard with Pint Ring

pint brew caddy

I’m the life of the party y’all!

It’s all about the versatility. Yeah, this gadget comes with the title of “Bottle Opener,” but why limit yourself to that paradigm? This is so much more. My girlfriend calls it an accessory, like earrings or a scarf. I call it the I’m-the-most-popular-guy-at-the-party thingamajig. Everyone wants to stand next to me, cuz let’s face it – I’m convenient. Nobody needs to travel to the kitchen and search every freakin’ drawer to find the bottle opener. You just need to call out my name, and BAM! Your bottle’s open.

Oh wait… would you look at that… this handy gadget doubles as a brew holder. That means you’re hands-free, and you can eat (or talk with your hands or go to the bathroom) without having to leave your beer unattended on the windowsill. Holy moley… that feature alone is worth double the price. And to top it all off (like a good frothy foam on your brew) it’s stainless steel, so it’ll last you a lifetime.

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