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Description: Plain Black Lanyard with Black Ring

sample brew caddy

Get caught empty-handed!

Dad always told me to never get caught empty handed, and I was never quite sure what he meant. When I asked, he’d just wink and tell me I’d figure it out. That hasn’t happened yet. And today, I discovered exactly why it’s essential for me to be caught empty handed. You see, me and my woman were at the brew fest, enjoying some tasty samples on a fine day, and as usually happens when I’m enjoying frothy adult beverages, I got hungry. Moments later, with a pulled pork sandwich and fries in one hand and my sample glass in the other, I was about to become an even happier man. I just needed a place to park myself. Just then, my girlfriend announced she was getting in line for the bathroom – you know, that insanely long line to the women’s restroom that you see at every event that draws any sort of crowd. It was at least a 20-minute wait. She wedged her sample glass between my pinky and my ring finger and walked away. I couldn’t even open my mouth to protest without dropping my napkin. I desperately scanned the area for a free table, chair, tree stump, or shady patch of grass on which to settle myself, but I saw nothing within stumbling distance. I briefly wondered if I looked as foolish as I felt. Just then a very helpful young man walked by. He stopped to stare at me, and he smiled excitedly. “Dude,” he offered, nodding his head, “you need a Brew Caddy.” And he walked away.

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