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Stick it to me…

I was stopped at the longest stoplight in town, and somebody whistled. Not like a tune, but you know… a sexy whistle. I didn’t turn my head (that would be too obvious and eager), but I couldn’t help but look in the rearview mirror. Yup — the guy behind me had whistled, and now he was smiling wide and gesturing wildly out his car window. He pointed to my bumper and yelled an enthusiastic, “SWEET!” Yeah, I drive a nice car, but seriously… this guy was a bit crazy. He gave me a thumbs up and even a peace sign. Oh my. I averted my eyes. Then I remembered my new Brew Caddy sticker on the bumper, and the warm glow of a smile came over me. Indeed… the sticker was sweet and deserving of this wild-eyed attention. The light changed and I sped away. Did I mention my car goes faster now too?

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